Sentenced to 20 years for having killed in 1994, his best friend of 11 blows with a knife

Condamné à 20 ans pour avoir tué en 1994 son meilleur ami de 11 coups de couteau

The body without life of Stephane Dieterich, 24 years old, had been found lardé of 11 blows with a knife on July 5, 1994, between Cravanche and Châlonvillars in Franche-Comté.

Christophe Blind, his best friend, had explained that the day before, he had filed before the carnival of Belfort, around 22: 00.

He said that he had then walked around alone in the night on the edge of a channel, and then in a garden of children to quietly reflect.

The next morning, very early, he had cleaned his car thoroughly. The blue card of the victim will be discovered in his vehicle. At the time, he had been placed in police custody, before being released without being worried.

In 2013, two men were watching a tv show, devoted to “The Case of Dieterich” when they recognized Christophe Blind. In 1994, when they were high school students, it was one of their supervisors. At the time, he had made a strange proposal : the supervisor had offered money to kill a man.

These two new testimonials were allowed to re-open the investigation. In December 2015, Christophe Blind has again been placed in police custody and was eventually confess to the murder.

The accused, aged now 49-year-old, was sentenced Friday to 20 years imprisonment by the Assize Court of Vesoul.