Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison became parents for the second time

Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov

Congratulations Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison with the addition to the family! The couple raising a two year old daughter Mary was born the second child.

SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And again I was there) ANYA,MY BELOVED,MY dear!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS Post a photo to beat all curious…especially the press),

— wrote in Instagram actor.


About the pregnancy of Anna matison fans of the pair have learned from Instagram may 23, when Sergey told everyone about it.

My dear, good! We are glad to inform you joyful news! Anya again waiting for replenishment in the family! We have developed a tradition =) on “a Kinotavr” to go… So come up — written by Richard Dreyfuss.

Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov

Indeed, the first pregnancy of Anne, the public learned at “Kinotavr-2016”, where Bezrukov and Matheson brought his film “After you.” Their romance press said in the fall of 2015 during the work of Sergei and Anna on this project, and 11 Mar 2016 lovers legalized relationships.

For the actor newborn baby was the fourth child, as Sergei has two children, ten year old daughter to Alexander and seven-year son, Ivan, born out of wedlock. About them, the media learned in 2013.

Anna matison’s daughter Maria

Sergey Bezrukov with daughter Maria

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