Sergey Leshchenko and the “fake experts” from NABOO. Pre-election aggravation

Interesting times. When, as if on cue, suddenly begin to act with one purpose completely different people. The agents of the SBU under the guise of “radicals” stormed Podolsky district police Department in Kyiv. A little earlier the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko suddenly remembers a long-forgotten fake case of “backpacks Avakov” and makes a brief pseudo-expert NABOO, a kind of Hope Bugrovoy, which supposedly revenge for “fair examination”. Writes do people’s Deputy Leshchenko also “on the hook” from Peter? And in such thick that is ready to make a stupid attack on the Minister?

Recall who Hope Bugrova and what role it played in the fabrication of “backpack cases”.

In fact, “backpack case” arose from the insatiable desire of Peter I to fully concentrate all power in his hands to the infinitely richer and infinitely dominate. Peter Alekseevich needed “his” Prime Minister and for this he is rather despicable methods has eliminated the post of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. But even more he was hindered by Arsen Avakov as interior Minister. And then Peter was summoned by a young and helpful leader of NABOO Artem Sytnik and declared him his “monarch’s” will.

After receiving the order from Poroshenko to resuscitate the old “ebauches” provocations with the so-called “films Pisnya”, Sytnik immediately engaged in “black PR” against the Minister Avakov and his team. Remember a huge number of fake TV spots on high-profile “raids”, fake “country palaces” fake “defection abroad.” However, PR is PR, but in the end the so-called “backpack case” it was necessary to refer to the court. And transmit at least some evidence. And where the evidence base is, if initially there was no evidence of a crime, nor its composition? In this situation, the NAB is not to be envied. Almost three years rabid “black PR” in the media and in court there is nothing to show.

Sytnik, Indychenko becomes afraid that will be not only unhappy customer with Bank, but also the “curators” of the American Embassy, who understand that the structure in which they have invested a lot of money – actually turned out to be stupid “zakusochnaya” gang.

And then Sytnik, Indychenko have been going to outright crime. Namely, the fabrication of false evidence.

The fact that after it was proven that “video Pisnya” a primitive installation, after numerous experts have proved that the tender procedure was conducted in full accordance with the law – NABU remains the only way to “save” this case, namely to prove that the backpacks were or too expensive or of poor quality.

The detectives NAB first try to contact the official expert organization, for example, in KNIISE. Where get very uncomfortable with their answer: backpacks are bought for quite a reasonable price for the quality no complaints. The same response they get in several organizations. What should I do? And the heads of speculators from NABOO coming from “brilliant” idea. If the conclusions of the official expert organizations we are not satisfied – let’s create our own “manual” expert organization, which will give precisely the conclusion that we need. And in 2016, created by the expert organization “Nadiya”, consisting of one person who is its owner and Director and sole expert. This person’s name is Nadezhda Bugrova. Nadezhda Konstantinovna conducts “examination” and issues need to NAB the result.

To quote the lawyer leading the case – Igor Yudin.

Nadezhda Konstantinovna could somehow only she knows the way to establish that the cost of these backpacks is several times lower than the cost at which the Bank purchased. And indeed, here on this further and it was built by the prosecution.

She made two examination, which, in fact, formed the basis of the notification of suspicion. She calculated that these backpacks have cost about 600 UAH. – a little more than 600. That is very different from the price at which it was purchased. And she gave the opinion that they are unsuitable, do not meet quality standards and so on.

Considering the fact that cut very eyes the boldness of the language, and the groundlessness of conclusions of the expert, I appealed to the Ministry of justice with a request to check on the expert. The result was a review in KNIISE according to the examinations, which she did. Reviews were made of the negative – that is, revealed there are quite a large number of violations. In the future, given the fact that the expert had in breach of expert techniques and, in fact, made the wrong conclusions – she was disciplined by the Ministry of justice. Me officially, this is notified as the applicant.”

It is worth noting that the Ministry of justice drew Bugrov to disciplinary liability not only for fraud examinations “backpack case”, but also a number of other violations. Nadezhda Konstantinovna panicked. Panicked and NABOO. Because the last “proof” in the “knapsack” suddenly turned into a fake.

The editors of “ORD” in the past year were able to record the incident, a meeting of a detective NABOO with the Hope Bugrovoy. They met in a Park, and then together entered the building of NABOO. We also became aware of the contents of the conversations senior detective NABOO Roman Dagogy leading “backpack case” with the Hope Bugrovoy.

Сергей Лещенко и "фальшивые эксперты" от НАБУ. Предвыборное обострение

Сергей Лещенко и "фальшивые эксперты" от НАБУ. Предвыборное обострение

Detective Dagogo in the conversation actually ordered the “independent expert” Bugrovoy urgent appeal to the court … the decision of the Ministry of justice. The idea is absolutely insane, whose main purpose is to simply delay consideration of the case, which inevitably will be another shame for NABOO.

There are questions. Nadezhda Bugrova, who is she really? The independent expert or the agent of NABOO “hope”? Does the leadership of the NEB, is that it commits a criminal offence, creating a “manual” expert organization? Does the leadership of the NEB, is that it commits a criminal offence to fabricate false acts of expertise through their counterfeit “expert organization”? Does the leadership of the NEB, is that it commits a criminal offence, putting pressure on the “independent expert”? The idea is that after this even is not a complete history, to resign must submit as a senior detective Dagogo and Sytnik, Indichenko. Time to resign, not to go sooner or later in court. And not for only one “backpack”, but almost all high-profile cases of NABOO, which is full of false evidence, unlawful provocations and “black PR”.

Such is the sad story. The question arises, why “nabwani” chosen from all experts it Hope Bugrov? And why she couldn’t say no to them? It’s simple. Because of the Hope Bugrovoy required a number of violations of the law. For example, Nadezhda Bugrova is accused of forgery and false conduct forensic examination. In this case, using an invalid certificate for the right of conducting examinations. For invalid and false expertise Bugrova, received a salary and still not fully elucidated, in whose interests and for how much money such examination Bugrovoy was conducted. Of course, such actions are a crime and therefore against Bugrovoy investigative actions are carried out in full accordance with the law. Obviously, over time, will be investigated and the activities of detectives NABOO, Bugrov involved in another criminal episode, this time with the fabrication expertise of the backpacks. Summary for Bugrovoy for the “naushnikov” is quite natural. Serhiy Leshchenko also ought to attend to is not the fate of the hapless “nebesnoi” agents, and the remnants of their reputation.

Artem Sytnik and his strange organization about the reputation it makes no sense to take care of. For all time of existence of expensive poroshenkovskoy “batons” called NABU was not punished no real corrupt. All these Zlochevsky, Stavitskii, Kaciceva and dozens of other high-ranking corrupt officials of times of Yanukovych and hundreds of new corrupt era of Petro Poroshenko, any liability is not incurred until the change of power will not suffer. Peter believes that corruption in Ukraine has long been eradicated. He has even at their congresses and forums simply don’t speak that word. And quite in sync with them is NABOO. It does absolutely nothing except wasting public money. And, of course, of political orders against undesirables, reports people. Or in respect of those he’s just scared.

Oleg Dmitriev, “ORD”