Series “School. Childish games” season 2: 14 watch series online (Video)

Сериал "Школа. Недетские игры" 2 сезон: смотреть 14 серию онлайн (Видео)

On 11 September there were 14 series of the popular series about all the aspects of school life.

Yesterday there were 13 series of the series “School. Childish games”. With each new series, we learn of favorite characters with unexpected sides.

In the previous series, we learned that while the physical education teacher at the hospital school to teach came his younger sister.

Dad Nicky noticed that someone took the money, but nick will admit it. Andrew, meanwhile, has decided to earn extra money as a courier, and Lola was offered a job as a model. Dan found out that nick stole the photo from his phone and threatened her.

14 series

Series “School” is one of the most popular series in 2017-2018 on Ukrainian television. The series you can look at 1+1 channel or on our website!

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