Series “School. Childish games” season 2: watch a series of 13 online (Video)

Сериал "Школа. Недетские игры" 2 сезон: смотреть 13 серию онлайн (Видео)

10 Sep 13 came a series of popular series on all the aspects of school life.

Recall, September 6, there were 12 series of the series “School. Not another teen game”, which never ceases to amaze his audience. With each new series, we learn of favorite characters with unexpected sides.

In the previous series, Dan decided to sell the school VAPI to earn extra money. One of the students began to resell them. Suddenly one of electronic cigarette blew up, the guy burned his hand. Danya require to return the money. Between the students there is a serious fight.

And the teacher fell from the rope and broke his leg. He blames Darya Petrovna, which has not allocated funds for new equipment. Lola is jealous of Maxim to Catherine, but she agrees on a date with Danik. Yegor, meanwhile, kidnaps Lisa.

Series “School. Childish games” season 2: watch 12 series online (Video)

13 series

The authors of the series School much attention is paid to actual problems of students which they face during adolescence: “bullying” peers, misunderstanding in the family, bribery, teachers, and intrigue. The children in the series – a typical Ukrainian students who grow up, face challenges in the new stage of life and trying to find answers to the questions: how to become popular how to win the love of classmates, how to build relationships with parents.

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