Seven signs that the liver can not cope with the toxins

Семь признаков того, что печень не справляется с токсинами

It is not necessary to ignore.

The liver plays a huge role in maintaining metabolism, it is the neutralization of toxins, and the condition of the liver affects various processes in the body. Experts have called five signs that a liver filled with toxins, and she is not really doing its function of the main filter of the human body, reports the with reference to

Sign 1: discomfort. In cases when the liver is flooded with toxins in the upper abdomen discomfort is felt. Also it can increase episodes of flatulence.

Sign 2: fatigue. If toxins in the liver gathered too much, a person can experience fatigue even at low energy cost.

Sign 3: yellowness of the skin. In addition to the fact that the skin turns yellow, can cause itching and skin infections.

Symptom 4: nausea. Phenomenon nausea (especially after fatty), sometimes accompanied by dizziness, diarrhea are also signaling that the liver filled with toxins.

Sign 5: the color of urine and feces. In case of toxicity to the liver, the urine darkens and the stool may be whitish.

Sign 6: bruising and swelling. The presence of edema in the legs and feet, joint pain and easily formed bruising is also a sign of the high content of toxins in the liver.

Sign 7: hold the weight. Check the liver, if different attempts to lose weight have not helped to lose weight.

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