Several hundred “yellow jackets” were detained in Belgium (video)

Несколько сотен "желтых жилетов" задержаны в Бельгии (видео)

In the capital of Belgium about 7 thousand people took part in demonstrations of the “yellow jackets.” The Belgians took to the streets under the slogans of opposition to government policy.

Residents of Brussels most do not like the rapid growth of prices for basic goods and services — health, education, electricity, fuel, groceries, utilities, etc., according to UKRINFORM.

Despite calls by organizers to Mirna protest, the demonstrators resorted to violence and vandalism. The police response was hard. Have been detained more than 300 people, the initiators of the riots were arrested.

Now the situation in Brussels remains calm. The building of European institutions and government agencies of Belgium as a result of the demonstration was not injured.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, demonstrate the “yellow jackets” today, were also held in France. In Paris, people even began to build barricades.

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