SGC: the number of members decrease of 8% year on year ensures the union

CGT: le nombre d'adhérents baisse de 8% sur un an assure le syndicat

The SGC has recorded 427.431 members in November, down 8% year on year, a decline linked to the “delay normal” contributions, has said on Wednesday a leader of the union, denying categorically any information in the Canard enchaîné, alluding to a fall of 34%.

“It is too early to give figures for 2017, but I’m not worried”, said to AFP Gisele Vidallet, member of the executive board of the CGT. She pointed out that there was a year ago at the same period, the GCC accounted for a similar figure for the contributions for 2016.

For these reasons of delays of contributions of the members, the CGT maintains its accounts over two years, in order to give time for the unions to provide feedback to the confederation that centralizes.

The figures for 2016 are not closed and are expected to be in march 2018.

At this point, the SGC has recorded 649.898 members in 2016, down 0.7% year on year, said Ms Vidallet.

The “Canard enchaîné”, dated Wednesday, indicated that the SGC has recorded a drop in membership from 34% this year, an information that is “not fair,” responded the leader.

In 2015, the CGT had 676.165 members.