Sharply colder: the weather forecaster gave a forecast of weather in Ukraine on December 7

Резко похолодает: синоптик дала прогноз погоды в Украине на 7 декабря

Local cyclone in the East of Ukraine and the British echo of a powerful cyclone will cause precipitation in the Eastern and Western parts of the country on Friday, December 7. In the East expect snow, and in the West — snow transition in the rain.

According to the forecast of the forecaster Natalia Didenko, the rest of the territory of Ukraine significant precipitation is unlikely, and the highlight of Friday will be cold: “the next night the temperature will fall to-4−9 degrees, places to -9−12 degrees. Day 7 is expected to December 1 to 5 degrees of a frost”.

At the same time in the South and Southeast and also Western areas in the afternoon — almost thaw. In Kiev on Friday — light rain and frosty. “The next night in the capital -6−8 degrees in the daytime from -2 to -4 degrees. The roads will be very slippery. At the weekend in Kyiv will take place atmospheric front, it will bring precipitation and warming, again” — warns Natalia Didenko.

Резко похолодает: синоптик дала прогноз погоды в Украине на 7 декабря

As previously reported “FACTS”, Natalia Didenko warned that 11-12 December 2018 Ukraine will rush active cyclone from the southwest, which is very complicate the weather — it will bring snow, sleet and rain.

Photo by Sergei TUSHINO, “FACTS”

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