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Are you entitled to receive compensation for an accident that wasn't your fault? Our team of auto accident specialists can streamline the painful process of driver negligence. We have a track record of getting insurance companies to concede on behalf of our clients. Reach out to us so we can get you get you the compensation you deserve!

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Car Accident Law

Distracted Driving

Have you been injured in an auto accident because of the negligence of another driver? You're entitled to compensation.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence is against the law. If you or loved one has been injured, contact us today to for financial compensation.

Mechanical Defects

Were you in an auto accident because your vehicle had a mechanical defect? Contact us to discuss your rights.


If you have been injured due to speeding and reckless driving, you are entitled to a financial settlement.

Failure to Stop or Yield

You shouldn't have to pay for other drivers failing to abide by the legal rules of the road. Call us today if you've been in an accident.

Driving While Fatigued

Were you in a car accident because the other driver dozed off behind the wheel? Contact us to discuss your legal options.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

Our lawyers specialize in automobile collision law and can help you with attaining the best possible outcome. We have an impressively strong track record of squeezing more out out of big insurance corporations to maximize our clients reimbursement on their claims.

You or loved one shouldn't have to suffer financially or physically due to the carelessness of others on the road. Our team of seasoned car accident lawyers are here to discuss your claim free of charge so that you may take the next steps to recovery. Reach out today.

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Our specialized team of car accident attorneys take the guess work out of your auto injury claim and ensure you receive the highest possible compensation. Contact us today for your free, no strings attached consultation to discuss your case.

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Our Attorneys

  • Palo Cedro Auto Accident Attorney

    The best way to prevent this from happening is to hire the proper car accident lawyers which include a lawyer to represent them a lawyer to represent their insurance company a lawyer to represent the insurance company and a lawyer to represent themselves.

  • Car Wreck Lawyer Palo Cedro

    What is the Difference Between a Personal Injury and a Medical Malpractice When you have been injured by someone elses negligence you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. MedWorthy which is reserved for those who have been fatally injured in a car accident is a program that would have allowed a person who has been killed in a car accident to receive payments for lost wages and medical expenses incurred as a result of the death. One man was killed in a fatal car crash when the men drove too close of each other for reasons that are now being investigated as a possible DUI. Whatever insurance company you end up working with one thing they have in common is how eager they are to have you work with them to receive the compensation you deserve.

  • Auto Accident Lawyer Palo Cedro

    If you are injured in a car crash with an automobile which was manufactured by a company such as E&D Car Accident Lawyers E&D Car Accident Lawyers E&D Car Accident Lawyers or MANITOWAY our experienced car accident lawyers can often assist you in winning compensation for. E&D Car Accident Lawyers law firm has been helping individuals obtain money after a collision involving distracted driving since 1994. No case is too big or too small for our Palo Cedro team of highly accomplished personal injury lawyers to pursue justice on your behalf. Hiring a car accident lawyer helps ensure that the lawyer handles your case in the most effective way possible.

  • Car Accident Lawyer Palo Cedro

    There is a misconception that if you email a car insurance claim the insurer will immediately produce records relating to your request. The Palo Cedro attorney staff has decades of experience dealing with lawyers and sometimes even laypeople regarding different aspects of personal injury law including but not limited to. At E&D Car Accident Lawyers weve been representing victims of auto accidents for over 25 years. It is your attorneys job to guide you through the complicated part of the claims process and to ensure that you are fairly compensated for all that youve lost.

  • Palo Cedro Crash Attorney

    If you live in the Palo Cedro area and need an experienced Palo Cedro car accident attorney please contact E&D Car Accident Lawyers. Your insurance company will most likely be under pressure to offer you a settlement as they lose money when their customers buy insurance with you as the liable driver. The information contained in this Website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter. In the last few years Palo Cedro has seen several extreme heat waves batter our state and Palo Cedro has suffered several highprofile heat waves.

  • Palo Cedro Injury Attorney

    We can represent you in court or represent you on a contingency fee basis and we can fight to see that you get the leading medical bills and attorney fees fixing your life back on track. Car accidents are one of the most common types of Palo Cedro traffic accident causes that lead to injury death and property damage. Being involved in any kind of auto accident is scary especially if it involves serious injuries. It is a natural consequence of a lot of our clients being underinsured.

  • Auto Accident Attorney Near Palo Cedro

    OurScore a proprietary algorithm developed by Super Lawyers estimates the likelihood that you or a loved one will be killed by a car accident based on the likelihood of being involved in a crash in the next 12 months. It is imperative you begin receiving your physical therapy as soon as possible after your accident. It is not uncommon for the driver of a car that got into a crash to tell the victim what happened. When youre among the lucky few whose cases settle for six seven even eight times more than the mean settlement for a personal injury case you know that you are in good hands.

  • Palo Cedro Collision Attorney

    Therefore it is a good idea to contact an experienced and talented Palo Cedro car accident attorney shortly after your accident. The following common personal injury claims were addressed in court in Palo Cedro. The key for a successful personal injury case involving a Palo Cedro drunk driver case is figuring out how to read into the medical evidence and testimony to determine what really happened in the accident. However if you are in need of a highly skilled civil lawsuit attorney we suggest you speak with our Palo Cedro car accident lawyers.

  • Palo Cedro Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    In other words safety officials counted 76 million in crime losses as a result of crashrelated expenses. In the most devastating cases car accident survivors often have to deal with lastminute losses that they can only describe as devastating. Do not talk to the insurance company they will try to get to the bottom of things and use anything and everything you say against you. Consult the links below to learn more about how E&D Car Accident Lawyers and E&D Car Accident Lawyers can help you through every step of your car accident case.

  • Vehicle Accident Attorney Near Palo Cedro

    Those who have been in a car accident and are looking for a auto accident attorney in Palo Cedro can contact Palo Cedro car accident attorney E&D Car Accident Lawyers to explore their legal options. Spinal cord injuries sometimes are not noticed for days or even weeks after an accident. We work tirelessly on behalf of people who have been injured in personal injury cases across Palo Cedro. Kickstarting your auto accident claim will not cost you any attorney fees unless we help you recover compensation.

  • Collision Lawyer Palo Cedro

    Our Palo Cedro car accident lawyers have the resources and experience needed to conduct a thorough investigation before we can file a lawsuit. In addition to having a great deal of experience as a personal injury attorney E&D Car Accident Lawyers has also spent over a decade of her career on the other side of the courtroom. You should speak with one of our experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Palo Cedro as soon as possible after your accident. I would trust them again if I ever need legal representation again.

  • Car Crash Lawyer Palo Cedro

    A littoral assault ship may be able to sink in the sea its crew may be lost when they attempt to make a rescue. They have more than 50 years of experience in both state and federal courts. With a focus on motor vehicle and workplace injury claims for more than 25 years she is uniquely qualified to advise Palo Cedro car accident lawyers. Back in the early 1980s when I was a new lawyer on the block I joined forces with a law firms biggest client a manufacturer of airbags.

  • Palo Cedro Car Wreck Attorney

    We work diligently to help our clients obtain full and fair compensation for their damages which includes medical expenses lost wages pain and suffering loss of enjoyment of life and emotional distress. Our Palo Cedro personal injury lawyers help people across Palo Cedro with personal injury cases involving car or truck accidents workplace injuries defective products and wrongful death. E&D Car Accident Lawyers lawyers are dedicated to helping E&D Car Accident Lawyers clients with their legal matters as expedient as possible. Dont make assumptions about who was at fault for your accident like you already know who the police are nor do not attempt to name namesdo not name any lawyer or insurance company just yet.

  • Car Accident Attorney Palo Cedro

    Call us at 9607396073 or schedule an appointment online to speak with an experienced Palo Cedro auto accident lawyer at our Palo Cedro office. Some trucking accidents result in injuries that require costly longterm care and the drivers insurance may only reimburse them for the wages loss less medical expenses and other costs. A personal injury attorney can often post signs and protest notices around the property that point out the dangers caused by the claim and they can serve as documentation for the property damage target. Car crashes are a leading cause of injuries in the Palo Cedro.

  • Palo Cedro Collision Lawyer

    To ensure your claim goes forward with the greatest possible speed contact our compassionate and savvy car accident attorneys in Palo Cedro today. These findings are particularly significant because the E&D Car Accident Lawyers reported that rates of use of marijuana for medical purposes have increased significantly over the past several years. When you are injured in a truck accident you want to get the best medical care and best medical treatment as possible. Dont be fooled by the insurance companies who may try to make a profit off of your auto accident loss.

  • Palo Cedro Car Accident Attorney

    A recent study conducted by the E&D Car Accident Lawyers showed that more than 3600 people died in motor vehicle accidents in Palo Cedro in 2015. For the past 14 years E&D Car Accident Lawyers has been giving the key club card to new Law Firm clients when they win their keys. With over 50 years of experience representing clients involved in serious motor vehicle accidents throughout Palo Cedro the car accident attorneys at E&D Car Accident Lawyers. I would recommend E&D Car Accident Lawyers and his team to anyone The fact that he gives free consultations and doesnt take advantage of the gullible lawyers that show up to court just makes him smart When I needed representation I was shocked at how low the price was E&D Car Accident Lawyers was the only lawyer that said they could help me and they did for over a month and I was so ticked off because I paid my bills on time E&D Car Accident Lawyers helped me through every single way and was so patient with me He was the only one that spoke Palo Cedro I didnt understand him but thats because he was so accommodating I dont know how he does it but hes the best and luck could have happened to me if I didnt suffer through this experience.

  • Car Wreck Lawyer Near Palo Cedro

    Entrusting your quality of life to our compassionate personal injury lawyers we fight aggressively to see you get the fair and just settlement you deserve. The E&D Car Accident Lawyers was created with individuals who need and deserve stellar legal representation. Our Palo Cedro car accident attorneys take great pride in making sure that our clients are not taken advantage of by insurance companies. However insurance companies will try to deny or retaliate against you if you file a claim against their policy.

  • Car Crash Attorney Near Palo Cedro

    If you have been involved in a bicycle accident you should contact our experienced Palo Cedro bicycle accident lawyers right away. To avoid this provide as much information as possible and exchange pertinent information with the other drivers insurance company onscene. According to detectives E&D Car Accident Lawyers second attorney E&D Car Accident Lawyers 39 of Palo Cedro was recently arrested for Attempted Murder and Lewdness in a case that occurred on Saturday April 28 2019 at 1025 am in Palo Cedro. We understand that personal injury cases may seem seemingly simple at first but can easily be made more complicated by the actions of insurance companies and their skilled attorneys.

  • Auto Accident Attorney Palo Cedro

    The firms attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience dealing with insurance companies and the courts to make sure they provide people with a fighting chance when they resort to costly practices that often fail to meet their needs. Palo Cedro auto accident lawyers can recover compensation for the expenses incurred from the party that caused the auto accident including medical costs lost wages pain and suffering property damages and emotional distress. Car Accidents can be caused by a number of people including motorists themselves and other drivers on the road. While it is true that most passengers and drivers arent distracted it is clear that something must be done about the staggeringly high rate of injuries caused by distracted driving.

  • Palo Cedro Attorney

    There are many things that can happen in a car accident and some of them can cause you to not receive the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today and get the powerful legal representation you deserve. It can be frustrating to explain your situation to a lawyer who is not an expert in her field. Each personal injury case we take on is quite different so as we work toward building your case it is important that you schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

  • Auto Accident Palo Cedro

    While a car wreck may seem clear and simple there are many subtler aspects that are involved that the naked eye cant possibly clear up to some degree. In addition its also important to keep a journal detailing every aspect of your accident to be provided to the insurance company. In Palo Cedro 12 of car accident victims are at fault in Palo Cedro as a whole only 6 of the car crash fatalities were at fault parties. After being involved in a car accident you may be in severe pain and suffering from serious injuries.

  • Car Wreck Attorney Palo Cedro

    Independent witnesses are invaluable during an accident claim. Because of this these clients sometimes assume the clients will be at least somewhat at fault for the accident. We will never forget the injustice of your situation and we will do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve. Schedule an appointment with our Palo Cedro car accident lawyers today Accidents could be caused by someone elses negligence recklessness or fault.

  • Car Crash Attorney Palo Cedro

    You have certain rights and obligations with respect to the settlement of your claim. It is important to receive a personal injury lawyers feedback before going public with your story. Having a car accident lawyer at E&D Car Accident Lawyers in Palo Cedro Palo Cedro can help you if you have suffered a serious injury such as a traumatic brain injury a broken skull or an internal injury. One of the most respected and bestknown car accident lawyers in Palo Cedro is none other than my good friend and colleague E&D Car Accident Lawyers.

  • Palo Cedro Auto Accident Lawyer

    Every year more than seven million people in the Palo Cedro become seriously injured in car accidents and Palo Cedro ranks as the state with the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents of any state in the nation. E&D Car Accident Lawyers be working directly with experienced auto accident attorneys wholl tell you what to expect and what to expect. Email may be preferred but standard consultation procedures will apply. You should notify your insurance company that you are filing a claim.

  • Car Accident Palo Cedro

    Additionally in each case of a person losing their life Benefits in what is sometimes called a wrongful death claim we strive to help surviving family members seek compensation for their losses.


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  • My experience couldn't have better despite being involved in an unfortunate situation. Siv & Times Car Accident Attorneys were there for me when I needed them most. I would recommend them a million times over.

    Frank Colski
    Santa Barbara, California
  • Hard working crew, amazing at what they do! They simplified everything in an easy to follow way that made the process painless.

    Angela Duncan
    Mountain View, California
  • My case was handled in the most professional and diligent way making me extremely comfortable throughout the entire legal process.

    Sarah Williams
    La Jolla, California

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