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Californian Car Accident Attorneys

Are you entitled to receive compensation for an accident that wasn't your fault? Our team of auto accident specialists can streamline the painful process of driver negligence. We have a track record of getting insurance companies to concede on behalf of our clients. Reach out to us so we can get you get you the compensation you deserve!

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Car Accident Law

Distracted Driving

Have you been injured in an auto accident because of the negligence of another driver? You're entitled to compensation.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence is against the law. If you or loved one has been injured, contact us today to for financial compensation.

Mechanical Defects

Were you in an auto accident because your vehicle had a mechanical defect? Contact us to discuss your rights.


If you have been injured due to speeding and reckless driving, you are entitled to a financial settlement.

Failure to Stop or Yield

You shouldn't have to pay for other drivers failing to abide by the legal rules of the road. Call us today if you've been in an accident.

Driving While Fatigued

Were you in a car accident because the other driver dozed off behind the wheel? Contact us to discuss your legal options.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

Our lawyers specialize in automobile collision law and can help you with attaining the best possible outcome. We have an impressively strong track record of squeezing more out out of big insurance corporations to maximize our clients reimbursement on their claims.

You or loved one shouldn't have to suffer financially or physically due to the carelessness of others on the road. Our team of seasoned car accident lawyers are here to discuss your claim free of charge so that you may take the next steps to recovery. Reach out today.

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Our specialized team of car accident attorneys take the guess work out of your auto injury claim and ensure you receive the highest possible compensation. Contact us today for your free, no strings attached consultation to discuss your case.

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Our Attorneys

  • Car Accident Lawyer Wengler

    Contact us today to set up a free consultation with Wengler Personal Injury Attorney E&D Car Accident Lawyers.

  • Car Accident Wengler

    E&D Car Accident Lawyers a surveyor and founder of E&D Car Accident Lawyers has been in position to provide advice and guidance to attorneys in a variety of practice areas. The E&D Car Accident Lawyers will do everything that is legally necessary to get you the best possible recovery. Some insurance companies will even offer you a contingency fee to drop your fee if we win your case. As Wengler personal injury lawyers we counsel people on how to deal with the action and pursue the appropriate legal recourse.

  • Car Crash Lawyer Wengler

    Because of the complex nature of injury claims it is crucial that you hire an experienced Wengler personal injury lawyersomeone who understands when to cut bait and when not to. This is particularly true for accident victims with permanent disabilities. Following the accident the family moved into our Wengler office to exclusively represent their interests. Our Wengler personal injury attorneys will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so that you can cover the full value of your claim which may include medical expenses lost wages and more.

  • Wengler Car Crash Attorney

    Plus we can fight the insurance companies to make sure you get the money you deserve. Our team of DUI and criminal defense lawyers understand the serious impact these types of cases can have on your personal life and the lives of your loved ones. Simply put we expect to be compensated for your medical expenses property damage lost wages pain and suffering and any permanent disability that may result from your injuries. The site provides answers to frequently asked questions as well as helpful tools for fighting the legal battle for justice and compensation.

  • Wengler Car Accident Lawyer

    If you are unsure if your case would benefit from going to court we can help to determine if going to court is in your best interest. Emergency medical bills can be a source of considerable stress in the aftermath of a crash. Our job is to quickly investigate your claim and if necessary seek fair compensation for your medical bills lost wages pain and suffering and other losses. Those involving a highway included in your accident have a higher than average number of fatalities and serious injuries.

  • Wengler Injury Attorney

    If the insurance companies involved in your case want to pursue administrative Law we wont force you to agree to its terms. From car accidents and truck accidents to pedestrian and bicycle accidents we handle all types of accidents affecting todays society. Our car accident attorneys also regularly visit the scene of the auto crash to meet with the affected individuals and begin law firm negotiation. If you search for Lawyer of the Year on any popular marketplace E&D Car Accident Lawyers has clients listed and the personal injury law firm has provided representation for over 99 of those clients.

  • Car Crash Attorney Wengler

    E&D Car Accident Lawyers is ranked as one of the top law firms in Midwest Ohio. Our firm has earned a reputation in the community and within our own legal community as among the most trusted and respected Wengler auto accident attorneys. Wengler law however contains strict timelines that must be followed in motor vehicle accident cases. Motor vehicle accidents range from fenderbenders to traumatic and catastrophic injuries.

  • Car Wreck Lawyer Wengler

    Our car accident lawyers have the experience insight and commitment to justice your case. The insurance company can make the process extremely difficult and lengthy. Please contact the experienced attorneys at E&D Car Accident Lawyers not only for excellent representation during negotiation but also for advice during negotiations. My job as your auto accident lawyer is to connect you with medical professionals that can help you obtain the care you need in order to best address your injuries.

  • Wengler Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    SH Law is one of the foremost firms in the state of Wengler which has been recognized for its top level of excellence in personal injury litigation. In Wengler if you are troubled by any of the symptom listed above within the first six months following your accident please feel free to contact us. Insurance companies are able to adjust their level of compensation according to how much an injured victim has retained legal representation. Our job is to offer topnotch legal representation to our clients working your case toward a savings or a quick settlement so you can get back to enjoying your life.

  • Auto Accident Lawyer Wengler

    We are your No Fee Counselor today and can meet with an attorney for free at any time. Call us at 9606596065 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Wengler car accident lawyers. To begin the process please contact one of our experienced injury lawyers to discuss your legal options. If you have been injured in a Trip Slip of Fall accident anywhere in Wengler contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced slip and fall attorneys.

  • Wengler Car Crash Lawyer

    Eleven people are recovering in hospitals after a dozen or more car accidents over the past few days. However if you hire the right attorney then you may be able to get reimbursed for some or all of your medical bills lost wages or pain and suffering. For example a Wengler automobile accident attorney at our firm may then bring a lawsuit against the negligent driver. They allow you to document the event show how the accident significantly impacted your life and show why you are entitled to restitution.

  • Car Wreck Attorney Near Wengler

    A number of car accident lawyers near downtown Wengler line up. Law firms and organizations may require that you seek professional legal counsel before making any legal decision based on this website. In very serious accident cases victims may have to be compensated for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering loss of companionship and affection loss of consortium and psychological suffering and counseling costs. Entrusting your quality of life to our compassionate personal injury lawyers we fight aggressively to see you get the fair and just settlement you deserve.

  • Wengler Auto Accident Lawyer

    Deadly Trespasser Files CIVStatute of Limitations on Surrenders in E&D Car Accident Lawyers and advertising constitute the legal advice of the Law Offices of E&D Car Accident Lawyers. If only I knew this guy  Years ago I was in a terrible vehicle accident. Disclaimer the information provided by this firm should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer or attorney client relationship. E&D Car Accident Lawyers car accident attorney with experience in motor vehicle and motorcycle accident claims who will protect your rights and fight for your deserved compensation.

  • Wengler Injury Lawyer

    With all of this traffic along with the massive amount of traffic thats on the roads it is not surprising that motor vehicle accidents happen all too often. The renters insurance company may deny liability as a way to reduce the repair bill. Some of the most common serious injury types we assist accident victims with include. This is a method whereby the car accident lawyers of the firm evaluate the competence of the injury victim against a series of qualifications established by the lawyers at their firm.

  • Collision Attorney Wengler

    The attorneys at our Wengler Personal Injury Law Firm generally charge a contingency fee which comes on top of any insurance costs paid by the atfault party or passengers. Our attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to help you with your recovery including seeking restitution for property damage lost wages medical bills and more. We are able to handle many different types of property damage and injury liability cases for those in Wengler Wengler and Wengler. If you have questions or concerns feel free to call us at 9606596065.

  • Wengler Vehicle Accident Attorney

    One of the assistants claims the conversation was had during a flu season sign off. Motor vehicle accidents inflict serious damage on pedestrians safety. If you are E&D Car Accident Lawyers who has been injured in a car accident contact our respected Wengler car accident attorneys. You need someone who will work diligently to make sure you are justly compensated for your damages.

  • Wengler Car Wreck Lawyer

    With over 40 years of experience in personal injury law the experienced accident lawyers at the E&D Car Accident Lawyers have the knowledge and skill to help you with your financial recovery efforts. E&D Car Accident Lawyers car accident attorneys are here to listen to your story help put your mind at ease and get you the financial resources you need to get your life back on track. If you or a loved one has been hurt over the supposed hazards of driving a cyclist riding on the street it is crucial to understand that you are not alone. Our Wengler Personal Injury lawyers have the experience and track record of success that can help you decide between two E&D Car Accident Lawyers P.

  • Wengler Crash Attorney

    Every day thousands of people are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. Our law firm is founded on respecting the privacy and rights of our clients while advocating on their behalf in the case that we handle inquiries relating to wrongful death. Wengler Personal Injury Lawyer Disclaimer The legal information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer or attorney client relationship. We have been working as motorcycle accident attorneys for over 20 years and weve earned a reputation for excellence.

  • Auto Accident Attorney Near Wengler

    Our law firm fights to get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and pain and suffering. The Wengler car accident lawyers at E&D Car Accident Lawyers will handle these things so you can focus on what really mattersyour recovery. Car accidents can be traumatizing and it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The auto accident attorneys at Wengler are well aware that these accidents can result in severe injury.

  • Car Crash Attorney Near Wengler

    The insurance company of the atfault driver may offer a limited amount of compensation in an attempt to settle your case. Having served on juries in Wengler and Wengler and am an experienced car accident attorney E&D Car Accident Lawyers from E&D Car Accident Lawyers understands how the system works here. The Wengler statute of limitations in car accident cases is only two years. This means that the insurance company for the atfault driver is responsible for paying damages.

  • Auto Accident Attorney Wengler

    The best way to protect this right is to limit the time you wait before speaking with a potential attorney. Traffic Stops are photographs of police conducted on the scene of a motor vehicle accident. The Wengler car accident attorneys at E&D Car Accident Lawyers have decades of experience helping car accident victims right here in Wengler. A drunk driver crashing into another vehicle a slip and fall accident in a restaurant or a traumatic brain injury suffered from falling debris at a construction site are all prime examples of how a personal injury can affect us and if it does you need representation that is designed to amplify your voice.

  • Wengler Car Accident Attorney

    While the office staff may seem friendly and helpful some offices may only accept a limited number of claims and other offices may have specific policies against certain types of claims. E&D Car Accident Lawyers and the firm of Milligan Law for helping me with my personal injury case. If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one contact our firm for a free consultation today. It is also important that you never give a statement to a telephone company before you hire a lawyer.

  • Wengler Car Wreck Attorney

    Our car accident lawyers will work with you to decide how best to present and demonstrate your case. From beginning to end our team of awardwinning Wengler car accident attorneys do whatever it takes to be there for you. When hiring a car accident attorney you want someone who knows Wengler car accident law and who has years of experience representing clients in courtrooms across the state. In fact most of us have heard the freeway is called Campus Drive.

  • Vehicle Accident Lawyer Near Wengler

    Our firm fights for the rights of injured workers both inside and outside the courtroom. With a personal injury claim against an individual insurance company you therefore have two options you can pay the deductible on your car insurance which is usually the case or you can refuse to pay and receive a denial in the mail. These actions involve someone elses liability for accidents that occur for the purposes of protecting their own interests especially if the accident is a fender bender or something else goes wrong. Being an auto accident victim in Lubbock CA values and relationships with the local law enforcement agencies.

  • Wengler Lawyer

    When you are injured in a car accident a Wengler car accident attorney can help you. Because of our relational approach to law we obtain maximum compensation for our clients. If you are unable to work then you may have to rely on your own automobile insurance company to cover the cost of your medical bills time off work and other expenses. The law firm model however also applies to insurance companies.

  • Collision Lawyer Near Wengler

    When you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident as a result of someone elses negligence or deliberate behavior contact us to learn more about what you can do to protect your rights. Reading other lawyers reviews is always a good indication as to whether or not you should get a lawyer and if you decide to hire them they will fight to get you the most money possible for your injuries. We have played leading roles in cases involving truck drivers being drunk intoxicated speeding driving while distracted driving while drowsy overdriving and overstraining their trucks. When a brain injury is caused by an auto accident the effects can be even more serious.

  • Wengler Collision Attorney

    Then if you have been involved in another accident you can seek a personal injury attorneys advice on how to proceed with the case. We can explain how a trial might be set or how to tell if a settlement or verdict is within a specific range. Most attorneys offer free consultations where they will judge and analyze your case for free. If we do go to court and go to trial our winnings will represent a significant financial increase over the compensation you may be able to receive if you settle your case out of court.

  • Car Crash Lawyer Near Wengler

    They are hard working folks that do their best to make sure that their clients are taken care of during this difficult time.


Client Feedback

  • My experience couldn't have better despite being involved in an unfortunate situation. Siv & Times Car Accident Attorneys were there for me when I needed them most. I would recommend them a million times over.

    Frank Colski
    Santa Barbara, California
  • Hard working crew, amazing at what they do! They simplified everything in an easy to follow way that made the process painless.

    Angela Duncan
    Mountain View, California
  • My case was handled in the most professional and diligent way making me extremely comfortable throughout the entire legal process.

    Sarah Williams
    La Jolla, California
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