She filmed the abuse of his 4 year-old son and then sells the videos on the net

Elle se filme en train d'abuser de son fils de 4 ans puis vend les vidéos sur le net

The events took place in the city of Vinnytsia, in Ukraine.

A young woman, a 26-year-old filmed himself in the process of sexually abusing her son for 4 years and then sold the videos on the internet for almost 100 euros each.

She has sold thirty before being identified by the brigade of Cybercrime. The mother of the family was arrested this week and has admitted the facts in police custody.

This porn actress explained that a person had contacted him a few months ago by mail and it was proposed to make money by recruiting on the internet of children who would like to ask for shooting pornographic.

“I had to shoot at them when their parents were not there or invite me home,” she added.

This person proposed to the mother to start with his son, in order that it’s a measure of how much money she could make with these videos.

The 26 year old woman has been charged for rape, corruption of minors, production and distribution of pornographic material. It risk 10 years of prison. As to his child, he was cared for by an orphanage.