She goes home after a road traffic accident and died the next day

Elle rentre chez elle après un accident de la route et décède le lendemain

On Wednesday evening, a motorist, aged 58 years, was the victim of a car accident to Givors, on the Rhone.

Around 19: 00, she has been the victim of a collision with another vehicle.

But, after the accident, she returned home without consulting a doctor.

Then, in the night, she felt a strong pain and collapsed. She was then transported to the hospital where she died Thursday morning.

The autopsy revealed that she had an abdominal trauma and that many of his vital organs were perforated.

The investigators managed to find the occupants of the car came into collision with that of the fifty-year-old.

These two men, between the ages of 23 and 31 years, admitted the accident but denied he had fled the scene following the collision. They could be indicted for manslaughter.