She hits a woman with blows of the stiletto heel because it has piqued his table

Elle frappe une femme à coups de talon aiguille parce qu'on lui a piqué sa table

Mercedes Eyre appeared last week before a Court in Great Britain for the violence committed on a woman of 47 years old.

The events took place on the 21st of October 2018 in a nightclub in Bournemouth. That night, Georgina Scott-Andrews, 47, was partying with her sister Heather and her friends in the nightclub when she is sitting at a table.

This is where Mercedes has screamed that the table was reserved. The forty-something woman, therefore, has freed the place, but came back because she had forgotten her drink.

Mad with rage, the young woman of 28 years has thrown up a leg and imparted a blow of heel needle “kung-fu” in the face of Georgina. Then she continued to hit the victim in the chest and the head while she was on the floor.

Georgina is output with 13-point sutures, but will keep a scar for life above his left eye.

“If this had been a centimetre lower, I would have been able to lose the life”, explained the forties

Mercedes Eyre has been sentenced to one year suspended prison sentence and £ 500 damages. It will also have to do volunteer work and attend a rehabilitation activity.