She is: Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman had a fight in the network due to the shooting in a bikini

Jessica Simpson/ Natalie Portman

Recently 37-year-old Natalie Portman gave an interview to USA Today — the reason for the conversation was the release of the movie “Suite Voice” (Vox Lux), in which the actress starred. During the conversation, Natalie has condemned the 38-year-old singer Jessica Simpson. And she, learning this, made a scene in the social network.

In the new film, Portman plays a teenage girl who becomes a pop star. Talking about idols of the scene, Natalie remembered how many years ago I saw a magazine cover with a young Jessica Simpson, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

Natalie Portman a teenager I got a cover with Jessica Simpson in a bikini and says “I’m a virgin”. Don’t know what I was trying to say the heroine of this shooting, has condemned the colleague actress.

Jessica Simpson

And today, the social network has the answer Simpson on these words.

I’m disappointed. This morning I read that Natalie was confused by her photo shoot in a bikini, made in 1999, when I was a virgin. As a public person, we both know that is not always have full control of their own image. Show business itself puts everything in its place, determining our place. However, I was taught to be myself and to respect different ways of expression of women. I believed then and continue to believe that to look curvy in a bikini and be proud of your body does not mean to have sex. I always give women an example of what they can look however they want. The power is within us… I follow this rule always and not shame other women for their choices, said Jessica in Instagram on criticism.

The conflict could spiral out of control, but Natalie Portman has tried to avoid this. In today’s interview with ET, the actress assured that she had not wanted to hurt Jessica.

I didn’t want anyone to shame. I was talking about the messages sent by mass media to young women. I apologize for the pain my words caused. I didn’t mean… I made the mistake of calling the name. It would be possible to Express thought, not to get personal,

said Natalie.

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