She leaves her companion raping and dismembering his daughter for her 10th birthday

Elle laisse son compagnon violer et démembrer sa fille pour son 10ème anniversaire

The trial of the murder abominable of a 10 year old girl opened Monday in the United States.

In August 2016, the police went to an apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a nocturnal disturbances.

Upon entering the home, police had discovered the corpse of a young girl. The victim lay nude, dismembered and wrapped in a blanket on fire in the bathroom.

The mother of the child, his companion and cousin of the latter were present in the housing.

The small Victoria had been drugged with methamphetamine, before being raped, strangled, stabbed and then dismembered. The victim was celebrating her tenth birthday.

Fabian Gonzales, 31 years old, had sexually abused the girl while Jessica Kelley, his cousin, 31-year-old put the hand on the mouth. The mom, 35-year-old, was watching his lover do.

Fabian Gonzales was then strangled to death the little girl and Jessica Kelly had stabbed her. And then they had dismembered and then set fire to the corpse.

Jessica Kelley has pleaded guilty to ill-treatment of a child resulting in death and tampering with evidence. She could spend 20 years behind bars.

The mother pleaded guilty to child abuse on a child. Gonzales has not yet pleaded to anything, raising his innocence, that the police always looking for a fourth person who would have witnessed the murder.