She soothes her baby with a shot of vodka to go partying, he died a few hours later

Elle endort son bébé avec de la vodka pour aller faire la fête, il meurt quelques heures plus tard

A mother of a family, residing in Russia was drinking vodka her baby of 8 months to avoid the mind over the christmas years.

When the boy fell ill, his mother took him to the hospital where doctors diagnosed a viral infection.

They then asked to keep the child throughout the night for treatment, but Nadezhda Yarych has insisted that he returned to the house.

The mother have been taken to the hospital four times in a week but refused to be hospitalised every time, because she did not want to spend his holidays in the hospital with her child.

The young woman, to go out quietly in the evening, then gave to drink of the vodka to the baby in order to sleep and avoid that he does. This treatment lasted a week.

The small Zakhar eventually died on 5 January last, at Shebekino, in the region of Belgorod Oblast.

An investigation has been opened against the mother of a family. As to Mikhail Yarych, the father-in-law of the victim, it is also suspected of not having done anything when he knew what was happening.