She takes her little neighbor of 5 years for Gollum and the stabs

Elle prend sa petite voisine de 5 ans pour Gollum et la poignarde

A Russian of 69-year-old was recently sentenced to eight years in prison for having tried to kill his little neighbor, aged five years, she had taken to Gollum of the Lord of the rings. She gave him blows with a knife and hammer before the défenestrer.

Galina Kobzeva has been sentenced to eight years in prison for attempted murder. This Russian 69-year-old nearly killed the daughter of his neighbors, a small Nadya aged only five years, of which she was the baby-sitter.

On the day of the facts, while the child was watching television, the sexagenarian drinking beer. As she explained to the court during the trial, she would not have had to, since she was following at the same time a treatment in which alcohol is contra-indicated.

Under the effect of intoxication, she was taken by a sudden madness, gave blows of knife and hammer to the girl, and then threw it over the balcony on the third floor.

While she was holding the little Nadya at the top of the vacuum, she would have yelled to a woman passing by: “Do not touch it. She must die. She has the devil in it”. It had indeed been a hallucination, and had taken the child to Gollum, a hobbit machiavellian in the Lord of the rings.

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Nadya has miraculously survived his injuries (concussion, fractures of the spine and hip, cuts, bruises), but still had to spend four months in the hospital.

When she was able to explain what his babysitter had done to her, she told that she had also tried to strangle her, and then has also said that she had called for help a long time without anyone to come to the rescue.

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