She was practicing fellatio on a man while sending a text message to another and then made to believe that she was raped

Elle pratique une fellation à un homme tout en envoyant un SMS à un autre puis fait croire qu'elle a été violée

More is known about the young woman 28-year-old found naked in a car with a Punchy, in Sum. In fact, it would not have been raped as she claimed.

Tuesday morning, she was in the car with her lover when they stopped on a path isolated.

The young woman began to practice a blowjob in the car while the Christmas gifts for the children of the man was in the vehicle.

Then, during the blowjob, she sent a text message to another man to tell him what she was doing, to make him jealous. In his text message, she also said where she was.

The man in question had visited the scene accompanied by a friend. The duo has released the lover of the car and beat him up with brass knuckles.

Panicked, the young woman called the fire department, explaining that she had been raped, before undressing. She then explained to the gendarmes have been sexually abused.

The couple was transported to the hospital. And then the lover, and the two men had all three been placed in custody in order to make all the light in this case.