Sherbrooke Bunker: Court rejects Hells appeal

The Quebec Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of Hells Angels members in good standing Guy Auclair, Georges Beaulieu and Richard Rousseau concerning the confiscation of the biker group landmark in Sherbrooke. This means that the last haunt of the Hells Angels still standing in Quebec remains officially in the hands of the state.
“The appellants say they do not want to add any additional evidence,” reads the court’s judgment on Monday. As a result, they could not meet their Criminal Code burden and the decision could not contain any reviewable errors. The appellants make no argument that the Criminal Code appeal authorizes them to challenge the confiscation order, in which a judge determines whether a property is an offense. ”

The benchmark where five North Chapter members were shot in 1985 was confiscated in September 2017 by Justice Carol Cohen of the Superior Court who determined that the bunker and adjacent lands were offense-related property. The prosecution has requested that the red-roofed den, which was the subject of a blocking order since SharQc 2009 and has been vacant ever since, be confiscated for the benefit of the Crown. The Attorney General of Quebec thus became the sole owner.

“It upholds the decision of Judge Cohen who ordered the confiscation, says Antoine Piché, prosecutor of criminal and penal prosecutions. We will let the possible delays to go to the Supreme Court, but at the end of that we will finally take the procedures for once and for all to permanently capture all of these lands. ”

Initial Decision

As soon as Justice Cohen’s initial decision in 2017, counsel Mylène Lareau, representing the numbered company owning the premises, announced her intention to appeal the decision.

Mr. Lareau did not believe that the information found by the police at the hideout on the enemy bands of the Hells Angels and the fact that they consulted information about the enemy bands there should be considered.

Ten days after filing the application for leave, Justice François Doyon of the Quebec Court of Appeal determined that the file should be heard on the merits. The motion to issue a confiscation order for the Sherbrooke Hells Angels Bunker was heard in April 2017 at the Montreal courthouse.

Two other out of the five properties, Excavations Charles Grenier and Paul Laroche, acquired by the latter in 2005, are part of the application.

The last evaluation roll of the City of Sherbrooke establishes at $ 424,600 the value of the Hells Angels bunker located at 1575 Wellington Street South and the amount of taxes unpaid at $ 45,700.

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