Shooting passed the trespassers, in Bukovina

Со стрельбой прошло задержание нарушителей на Буковине

In Bukovina border guards under the sound of gunfire detained offenders who tried to escape and resisted together. About it reports a press-service gpsu, reports UNN.

“The border guards of Department “Krasnoilsk” on the trail who was found at the border, came on a group of five people. Noticing the outfit, the men split up and began to flee. In the persecution of a group of three, along had to implement a series of precautionary shots up as “runners” did not respond to the commands of the guards. Subsequently, the men managed to hold. Not having any documents, from their words it became known that they were the inhabitants of the village “Krasnoilsk”, – stated in the message.

Other accomplices and the driver of the SUV British registration militiamen detained on one of the roads near the border. In this case, the cover band also had to shoot in the air because the driver on the legitimate demands of the guards didn’t react and continued movement. Eventually the car stopped three kilometers from the border, and the driver and his two passengers were detained.

Violators brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the state border and willful disobedience to a lawful order or demand of a military serviceman or employee of the state border service.

Regarding the driver, in his actions, in addition to article 185-10 Art (Malicious disobedience to the lawful order or request of a serviceman or employee of the State border service of Ukraine or the member of public formation on protection of a public order and the state border), seen signs of the offense provided for in article 345 of the criminal code (Threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body), what the communication is directed GUNP in Chernivtsi region.