Signs for Feb 23: what you should not do

Приметы на 23 февраля: что категорически нельзя делать

In Orthodoxy, February 23 is celebrated the memory of saints Prochorus, and Charalambos. Every day you feel the coming spring. To eat fish is permitted, despite the fact that this day falls on the post. The people said that on February 23 must pray to St. Charalambos, in order to receive protection from death without repentance – it was the most terrible death for an Orthodox Christian, because only a repentant soul can go to Heaven.

With this date involves a large number of signs, many of which are relevant today.

Signs on February 23

  • If you chill this day, to fear it should not, they said “u mad winter, but spring feels”
  • If on 23 February to begin to treat a serious illness, you can count on a favorable outcome
  • To eat cancer and to think about the eponymous disease – it is possible to get sick. Therefore, 23 Feb tried not to eat fish and seafood at all, although it is not forbidden by the Church’s statutes
  • Highly undesirable man to work on this day – the signs say, things turn out not the best way