Silver & Black : the spin-off of Spider-Man becomes two films separated






But that is what is going on with Sony in the past 24 hours ?! This is the coffee that has turned out ? La cantoche, which is on strike ? The weight of the coke that has changed ? Not because there is, between Venom, and Silver & Black, it does more too.

After lean years, Sony was finally in the world of super-heroes by announcing the start of construction, the last year of the ambitious ‘Venom’ directed by Ruben Fleischer and will be released on our screens on October 10. A movie dark, violent, uncompromising, to the image of the character, what, and who eventually will not be Rated-R, as we can imagine, and the hope seen the promo, but only a little PG-13 (for teens). And all this at two months of its release.


Venom, the new best friend of the children


So, even if you make a big bullshit, why stop along the way ? One of the other big projects of the studio was Silver & Black, the next step in the Spider-verse way with Sony since the movie was to set the stage for the two anti-heroines of the Silver Sable and Black Cat.

The film was to be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood for output already set to the 8 February 2019, but you started to ask yourself a few questions since the beginning of June, we learned that the studio had to remove the project from its production schedule for a reason quite mysterious.


A duo that will probably never exist


This decision foreshadowed a big change but as you couldn’t see it coming you just said that Sony does not believe enough in the project. Variety thus comes to reveal to us the merits of the case in announcing a few hours ago that in fact, Sony had decided to split the film in two solo projects, one dedicated to Silver Sand and the other with the Black Cat.

So we end up with two new films planned, knowing that Black Cat should be the first to see the light of day if we are to believe the president of Columbia Pictures, Sanford Panitch :

“We believe that Black Cat is a character that is strong enough by itself, with a great backstory and plenty to do to justify the fact that it has its own movie.”


Black Cat, in all discretion


A daring choice on the part of the studio, especially at a time when Marvel is working on a movie Black Widow with a character that is installed in the hearts of fans for almost 10 years and that Warner is currently Wonder Woman 1984. We do not know more for the time on the project if it is not that Gina Prince-Bythewood would not be the director but would have a status of executive producer on the film.

We don’t know for you, but it was still the big impression that Sony just from trèèèès away mode YOLO in a day. What is certain is that in the months to come, there is a risk a lot to entertain us. A default of interest to us….


And one day a spin-off with Black Widow and Spidey, for that matter ?

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