Simple and affordable means to improve the mood and well-being

Простые и доступные средства, чтобы улучшить настроение и самочувствие

Cloudy weather makes me sad for almost everyone. And when there was an unpleasant situation at work, covered a cold or broke the TV, we already believe that depression begins. But if the Blues is a normal condition that is associated with a cold time of year, depression is a serious diagnosis that requires treatment from a psychiatrist.

American scientists have noticed that during the autumn-winter period, when the shrinking amount of daylight, the person hormonal changes. On the health impact of increasing the level of melatonin — the hormone of sleep, and lack of norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine. This leads to fatigue, reduced performance, the appearance of causeless alarm.

But you need to be wary if within two weeks is not the feeling of emptiness and hopelessness, anxiety, lost interest in favorite activities, overcome insomnia, irritability. May suffer from depression and need psychotherapy and taking antidepressants.

According to research by American Association of anxiety and depression, people, often suffering from depressive disorders, there are changes in the brain. Experts surveyed more than nine thousand people with depression and healthy. Comparing the MRI of the brain were examined, the scientists found that patients with depressive disorder the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for creating new memories, processing long-term memory, emotional reaction and orientation in space) is smaller than in healthy people. For those who have depression, should be seen by a doctor and from time to time to undergo treatment.

How to improve mood and well-being

  • It is important to alternate the mode of work and rest, to sleep at the same time, not later than 23 hours.
  • Should be a walk in the fresh air in any weather. But it is especially recommended to go for a walk in the afternoon, when the sun Peeps out.
  • It is useful to engage in physical activities and sports. Here are the happy hormones, causing a feeling of joy.
  • Seldom watch TV, as it worsens mood.
  • Get some thing that will distract. For example, you can start a General cleaning in the apartment.
  • Before bedtime read a good book, knitting or embroidering.
  • Wear bright clothing. Dark colors affect mood. But bright coats and dresses, umbrella will help to cope with depression.
  • Improve mood orange, red, yellow and green.
  • Invite your friends and visit, even if not particularly desirable. In good company mood will only improve. But it is important to avoid contact with people who MOPE, so will only aggravate their condition.
  • Watching Comedy films, Comedy and sports. It’s recommended to go to the cinema, theatres, exhibitions.
  • Is to improve appearance: get your hair cut, go to the beautician.
  • It is recommended to undergo a relaxing massage.

As previously reported “FACTS” from depression also helps to get rid of a warm bath.

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