Simple ways to overcome drowsiness

Простые способы преодолеть сонливость

Drowsiness insidious: it covers at the wrong time, and even at work. What can be done to return the body the necessary tonus? We have collected some simple techniques that will help you to quickly return to a working state, writes the with reference to

Stimulation of active points. On the human body there are points, the impact of which gets a feeling of cheerfulness. To ward off the lethargy and drowsiness, can I RUB in a circular motion earlobes and a point at the base of the nose. Or to put pressure on the pads of the index finger for 1-2 minutes.

Cool water. Your actions: rinse face and neck, hold under running water wrist to chug a glass of still water.

Green tea. Many people drink for the buzz of coffee, but this drink stimulates the nervous system only briefly, then there may be a sharp decline in activity. It is better to drink green tea: it is this combination of restorative materials, because the energy will be more prolonged than after coffee.

The warm-up. During exercise increases the level of certain hormones and it gives an effect of vigor. To combat the drowsiness is good to do some vigorous exercise – squats, jumps, pushups, walk up the stairs.

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