Singer Anna Sedokova has intrigued fans with a new video

Певица Анна Седокова заинтриговала поклонников новым клипом

Video of Anna Sedokova for the song “not a word about it,” the singer promises tomorrow, but his attitude to this clip it leaves some intrigue.

One of the sexiest singers in Ukraine Anna Sedokova here to provide students with a video for the song “not a word about it.” The song is about Heartbreak and unrequited love.

Anna Sedokova boasted tropical the Read more

And that fans do not lose the enthusiasm, the singer supports the interest in the clip. Today (9 July), the actress threw an excerpt from a future premiere. Despite the meaning of the song, Anna notes that the clip is not of high feeling: “I think this is my first video not about love… About what? I really don’t understand. I just want to dance to death and kiss,” wrote the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra”.

The intrigue is that the excerpt shown a scene between Anna and sexy girl who wants to kiss the singer. As you can see, the clip is about love, hot and passionate. But what meant the singer, and what actually video – mystery…

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