Six-foot alligator hiding under a car, scared American family

Двухметровый аллигатор, спрятавшийся под машиной, перепугал американскую семью

Place under the vehicle so liked the Gator that we had to call professionalsFamily in Texas discovered a six-foot alligator under his SUV and called the police, and they have turned to the experts — in unit with alligators, writes the with reference on the most Important.

Reptile tried to resist, but, in the end, she was caught and moved into the river. According to experts, the alligator got so far out of the water in search of suitable females.

UPI quotes the words of expert on gators Chris Stevens: “They get out much this time of year, traveling from lake to lake in search of friends and food, that’s all.” The emergence of dangerous reptiles in the vicinity of people is a rarity in the southern United States.

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