Six new charges against Jeremiah-Viktor Lagacé

Six nouvelles accusations contre Jérémie-Viktor Lagacé

NEW CARLISLE – Jeremiah-Viktor Lagacé, already accused of the premeditated murder of French tourist Fabrice Durand on August 22, 2017, in the Gaspé, must meet the six new charges, namely, three break-ins and three flights, including two flights of firearms.

A first flight after break-in apparently took place between the 13 and 18 July, at the Temrex plant in Nouvelle, where the saws and tools were stolen. A second flight and a second break-in allegedly committed by Jeremiah-Viktor Lagacé between 3 and 7 August, in a residence of New. It would be out with firearms.

Between 7 and 18 August, the 23 year old male is found to have committed a third robbery, firearms and other objects in a house of Miguasha, an area of New.

The deputy prosecutor general Gérald Maltais has not wanted to confirm on Monday that one of the weapons stolen would have been used by Jeremiah-Viktor Lagacé for knocking down Fabrice Durand in August, the Falls trail to Picot, Saint-André-de-Restigouche, place of residence of the accused.

New lawyer

Me Richard Lavigne, a lawyer for the defense until Monday, has indicated to the court that he is no longer Jeremiah Viktor Lagacé. The accused has retained the services of an old road in criminal law, Marcel Guérin, who had represented Réal Savoie in the spring of 2017, in the case of the murder of Sonia Raymond.

Jeremiah Viktor Lagacé will return to court in another cause, may 8, to answer to charges of mischief, and the 19 and 20 June, dates for a preliminary inquiry in the case of the murder of Fabrice Durand.

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