“Smear the livers of protesters on the pavement”: the daughter Peskov angered the network with a post about the protests in…

«Размазать печень митингующего по асфальту»: дочь Пескова возмутила сеть постом о протестах во...

The daughter of press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, Lisa, on his page on Instagram posted a photo on the background of Paris, spoke about the latest developments in France, where there are protests of the “yellow jackets.”

She writes that for the fourth week, watching the protests. She believes that people should have the right to Express their opinion, but in this situation it is important to distinguish peaceful protesters from the provocateurs and rioters. In her opinion, the second is often a lot more.

Peskov quoted phrase of his father: “For the wounded OMON fighter it is necessary to smear a liver protesters on the pavement”, and writes that these words “its alive just not eaten, and I continue to remember this phrase every day since then, I have posted a post on the demonstrations”.

Peskov believes that in France there is blatant anarchy and looting. She criticizes protesters, noting that such methods are not suitable any civilized country in the world. And gives this assessment of the situation: “the Authorities do not need to give people unrealistic promises, and people cannot be held unenforceable on the power of hope.”

Social network users have left under the post these comments:

“Silly! Or just pretending! The French actually made good result!” “Provocations do not happen where they shouldn’t be! Grow up, understand! And now you’re too young to draw conclusions! Alas,” “May, just to comply with the Constitution?”.

Many are outraged that the girl that nothing is achieved in life, teaches others how to act, and criticizes those on the life and situation which she has no idea. Commentators point to the situation in Russia, in which even ordinary people have no rights, and blame for the plight of ordinary Russians power, which belongs to Lisa’s dad.

“If not your dad, nobody knew!”; “It’s good to talk when you live in abundance”; “Fattening at the expense of his father’s money teaches others about the rules of life.”

“Before comparing the situation in our countries (Russia and France) it is necessary first to live in both, and you’re in the present Russia was not even, but thanks to your father in Russia now is impossible. Because of politicians like your father, pensioners are dying of hunger and cold, people earn 15 thousand rubles per month with higher education, half the salary goes on tax, and hospitals are not treated, and suggest books with prayers. And this is not figuratively, is literally, so laugh at the genocide of an entire people which is like including your father on.”

“My parents live in a Siberian city for 15 thousand rubles a month together, having supposedly honored and respected in our state of the profession. Cool, of course, belonging to an elitist and privileged, to judge the solutions and suffering “of the people”, to whom you’re handing out your labels and evaluations from his master’s shoulder. Try to live the life of a worker or the life of an ordinary person in Russia, and then write about smearing the liver. People don’t have rights, people starving, and in France people are not ready to keep them off their feet. And that’s fine.”

It was also reported that the protests of “yellow jackets” in France can be a part of the Russian authorities.

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