Smokes with the stars: the cannabo-tourism is attempting a breakthrough in Los Angeles

Fume avec les stars: le cannabo-tourisme tente une percée à Los Angeles

In the green Los Angeles, become in 2016 the largest city in the world where cannabis is legal, many tour guides offer tourists to immerse themselves in this industry is budding, or even smoking with the stars.

To mount its case, Gene Grozovskiy was inspired by the experience of his father, guide traditional for decades in the megalopolis, california.

“At the beginning, the industry of cannabis has not accepted, and the tourism sector is not more”, remembers the entrepreneur of 35 years. “During one year, I knocked on doors and had a hard time.”

His company, Green Towers, turns today. And after a year in 2018 in the red, it hopes to generate its first profits in 2019.

Like Gene, they are, many of which offer courses focused on the cannabis in Los Angeles, more accustomed hitherto to see the bus walk Hollywood and Beverly Hills in search of the stars of show-business.

Green Line Trips, Weedology, Dope Tours or Food High have flowered in a few months. The competition heats up, while cannabis is the counter recreational use since January 1, 2018.

To distinguish itself from its rivals, Gene Grozovskiy said search for authenticity and originality. In particular, it proposes to its customers to share a few puffs with the actor Tommy Chong, accustomed to supporting roles in Hollywood (the series “That ’70s Show”).

It will cost interested parties 149 dollars each for this course enriched.

Gene Grozovskiy hope to be able to convince other celebrities to lend themselves to the game, with the dream of hanging a day, the absolute reference among celebrities, the rapper Snoop Dogg, ambassador volunteer of marijuana since its inception.

– Behind-the-scenes –

The tours Green Tours want specialized, designed as a true dive in the industry of cannabis in the United States and its history, about about four hours.

The guide, Ryan Lance, unbeatable, full on the legislative developments and the origins of the arrival of cannabis in America.

Later, in a specialized trade, Scott B, the manager, goes very far in the details on the watering and pollination.

“If something interests you, and that you can see what goes on behind the scenes, it’s always nice,” says Dan Chlebanowski, 30 years old, who participated in the visit, and consumes the grass since adolescence. “We see at Disneyland, or Hollywood. Why not with cannabis?”

To the general surprise, the sales of cannabis and its derivatives in 2018 has declined in California, to $ 2.5 billion compared to 3 billion in the previous year, according to the firm ArcView Research, while another firm, BDS Analytics, forecast 3.7 billion.

Some see the decline in the influence of the texts very strictly the cultivation and distribution in California, and which would have discouraged more than one contractor.

The weight of taxation, which can reach up to 40% in some cities because municipalities often add their own tax to the State of California, has also helped, according to some, the maintenance of a part of the drug trafficking.

To this day, the Office of the cannabis of California (BCC) has granted 2.782 operating licence.

The Parliament of California must consider this year a possible easing of the texts.

“We expect changes, but not to an in-depth reform only a year after” the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, ” says Alex Traverso, communications manager of the BCC.