Social networks made fun of Putin in the arms of Bashar al-Assad

Соцсети потешаются над Путиным в объятиях Башара Асада

Assad arrived in Sochi.

The network has ridiculed epic photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Syria Bashar al-Assad in each other’s arms during a meeting in Sochi, reports the with reference on My Webpage.

The corresponding photo published on Twitter journalist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov.

“Bashar al-Assad today flew to Sochi for talks with Vladimir Putin”, – signed photo of leaders embracing it.

Соцсети потешаются над Путиным в объятиях Башара Асада

In the network “reverent” meeting of the presidents was met with a sarcastic laugh.

“The murderer repent?”, “A touching reunion…”, “Wept something on your shoulder?”, “Assad from Hell came to the godfather!”, “On pens”, “the embrace of the two murderers,” they write.

Note that on Thursday, may 17, Bashar al-Assad visited Sochi with a working visit. This is the second visit of the Syrian leader in recent times. Just in November of 2017, it already came with a similar visit to Putin. Then the meeting in Sochi.

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