Soldiers have forged a roll of money and handed it to the bride on wedding costs

Солдат подделал пачку денег и вручил их невесте на свадебные расходы

Malaysian faked a stack of bills for a luxurious wedding and got caught. It is reported by news portal Asia One.

Serving in the army with the rank of corporal male a few days was producing four thousand Malaysian ringgit on the Photocopying of a military base. 28-year-old soldier handed them to the bride on the wedding expenses mixed up with real money. To postpone spending was not: the celebration was appointed for March 30.

The bride paid attention to the strange appearance of banknotes. The soldiers explained to her that the bills gave him the ATM. To prove it, he showed the girl checks that he took from the urn near the ATM, which really took a small amount. The bride had advised him to contact the police.

The man wrote a statement to the police in the hope that the Bank will exchange the fake money for real money. The next day he was arrested. He confiscated 55 denominations of 50 and 100 MYR, a real banknote of 100 ringgit and copy machine.