Solo : A Star Wars Story – the surprise comeback of this character was kind of a last minute decision






Ron Howard explained that the return of this character so special in Solo : A Star Wars Story was not certain of the origin.


This is perhaps one of the most fun and memorable of Solo : A Star Wars Story, the second spin-off of the Star Wars era Disney after Rogue One : the final appearance of Darth Maul, the villain appeared in Star Wars Episode I : The phantom Menace George Lucas, portrayed by Ray Park, who was killed by Obi-Wan in the movie before returning in the animated series in particular.

The Sith reappears as a hologram in the face of Qi ra, revealing his place in the plot, whereas the character played by Emilia Clarke decides to join him.

Asked by Slashfilm, the director Ron Howard is back on the scene, and thus confirms that Maul is one of the things that has been changed, or at least decided, after the dismissal of Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the duo of film maker who was replaced towards the end of the shoot for obscure reasons.


The spoiler you want in here


The director of the Da Vinci Code, Willow , and At the heart of the ocean, explains it thus :

“I’m going to say that it was written and that there was a lot of uncertainty as to the identity of the character who was going to appear. So it was originally written in a very generic”.

In sum : the producers wanted a scene marking the return of a great villain, without having decided which prior to that Ron Howard arrives… a few weeks before the end of the filming – and before the weeks of reshoots. Or how to confirm the fears of many on the methods of Lucasfilm and Disney, and the overall coherence and predefined universe.


Ron Howard on in The heart of the ocean


The director continues :

It was just written in ‘boss’. And I thought, when I arrived, I was sure that they knew who it was and they kept it a secret. And this was not the case. But Maul was one of the candidates. And I insisted that it be him. I found that it had a lot of meaning. I found this character very effective. And I knew it perfectly, without even ask for it or reveal it, that my son Reed, who just turned 31 years of age, who is a fan of Star Wars (…) I have just alluded to such a possibility and he felt that it would be incredibly cool. So for this generation, I said to myself that it was going to be a very interesting idea. And by doing a little research to understand the character, how it worked elsewhere, I found that it was very good. And Kasdan were in agreement.”


Maul in The phantom Menace


Ron Howard also explains that the scene was filmed twice :

“It has been turned once. And then we realized that this was not enough Maul. (…) We have added the lightsaber. It has intensified.”

A way to close the loop, since Ron Howard, who is well aware of George Lucas, a proposal was made to stage Star Wars Episode I : The phantom Menace.

After a boot, very warm, Solo : A Star Wars Story seems doomed to become the smallest success of Star Wars-era Disney, and even more. Unlike the Awakening of the Force, Rogue One and the Last of The Jedi, it is not expected to reach the billion at the box office.


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