Solve the mystery of the anomalies in the center of the milky Way

Разгадана тайна аномалии в центре Млечного Пути

Astronomers have helped physicists-nuclear physicists.

Astronomers from Lund University (Sweden) was recognized last year, the high content of scandium in the substance of stars optical illusion.

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As reported on the website of the University, we are talking about the sensational discovery, which was nothing but an anomaly is not called. In the past year, astronomers have recorded an increased level of scandium close to a black hole located in the center of the milky Way.

It was suggested several explanations. For example, some believed that the anomaly is caused by absorption of the collapsing black hole. However, Swedish researchers found that it is just an optical illusion.

Spectral analysis showed that the electrons in atoms of the same elements behave differently at low and high temperatures. A study of stars near the black hole confirmed this assumption, by allowing to precisely determine their composition.

“These red giants have used up most of their hydrogen fuel, and therefore their temperature is half the temperature of the Sun, says study co-author Brian, Torspo. – We believe that the low temperature of these stars has led to the spectral distortion and created an optical illusion”.

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