Son of Russian spies cancel the canadian passport (PHOTO)

Сыну русских шпионов аннулируют канадский паспорт (ФОТО)

Alexander Vavilov was born in Toronto, which theoretically gives him the right to canadian citizenship if not for the fact that his parents were Russian spies in North America. Alexander has a brother Timothy, who is also trying to get canadian citizenship, but his case in court has not yet considered.

23-year-old Vavilov, recently graduated from University, looking for an opportunity to obtain legal permission to live in the country where his parents once lived.

The canadian government believes that Alex Vavilov has no right to citizenship and, therefore, appealed to the Supreme court with a request to cancel the passport, issued to him by the lower court.

Earlier, the Vavilov has won a court case to restore withdrawn by Ottawa canadian citizenship. Guy and his brother believe that it is unfair to deprive them of citizenship because of their parents. Their supporters think the same way.

Some experts believe that the government revokes the passport of the children of the Russian spies for poisoning family Skrobala in England, to which, according to many world leaders involved in Russia.

Alexander Vavilov, born in 1994, Donald Heathfield and Tracey Ann Foley. The following year the family, including the eldest son of Timothy, left Canada and moved to France, where they spent four years before moving to the United States.

Alexander’s life changed overnight when in June 2010 the staff of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States appeared in their house in Boston.

“I distinctly remember, as FBI agents burst into our house with a gun when I was going down stairs,” he said in a written affidavit. “My parents stood in handcuffs in front of my eyes and put me in a dark car on the street without saying why arrest my parents.”

A total of 11 people – four of whom claimed that they are Canadians – got charged with conspiracy as a secret agent in the United States on behalf of foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, successor of the KGB.

The Heathfield and Foley admitted that he is Andrey Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova.

“We don’t have to do anything to stimulate the activity of the Russian intelligence services, especially in terms of what happened recently with the poisoning of people”, – commented on the situation with getting children the priorities of canadian citizenship Richard deslauriers, the FBI agent who led the arrest of the parents of Andrey Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova, 2010, along with eight other members of the spy network in the United States

Deslauriers also said that the second son Tim Vavilov, most likely, found out who were his parents before the FBI made the arrest. He noted, however, that it is difficult to say what exactly was known to the children at the time. The charges raised were not.

Alex wanted to return to Canada to attend University, but he refused permission.

In the Supreme court hearing will take place in early December. A mitigating factor in court can serve as the fact that parents lived in Canada for a short time and their goal was the United States.

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