Soon the Earth will cover magnetic storms

В ближайшее время Землю накроют магнитные бури

Weather-sensitive people may experience heart problems and pressure

In the next three days will be increased solar activity, so weather-sensitive people may experience problems with heart and blood pressure, writes the with reference for Today.

According to the National weather service the National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA), today, may 17, the magnetic storms will be 3 points, which means a “weak storm.”

In the night of Friday, from 3 to 6:00 am, strength of the storm will total 4 points – meteorologists call such a storm a “minor”. In this time of possible sleep disorders in people that respond to changing weather events.

May 18, during the day the power of the storm will be 3 points, and with only 3:00 a.m. may 19 – will be reduced to 2 points.

Saturday during the day will be only minor disturbances of the geomagnetic field of the Earth. According to meteorologists, the likelihood of an active magnetic storm today is 30 percent, the probability of a minor magnetic storm – 35 percent. On Friday, the probability of the storm 35, storm – 25%, Saturday 25 and 15 percent, respectively.

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