Sophie Marceau and Christophe Lambert : too separated ?…

Sophie Marceau et Christophe Lambert : eux aussi séparés ?...

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But what the hell could have bitten our couples de stars French ? According to our colleagues from the magazine Here, in fact, a couple formed by Sophie Marceau and Christophe Lambert for almost seven years, would be on the end.

After the formalization there are only ten days of separation from Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy, another pair famous would be in the process to see his story end : Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert would spend their time arguing, among other facts which sow the seeds of doubt.

This would, in fact, the couple’s friends who were worried and even go away by arguing that Christopher Lambert would have returned to its old demons, including alcohol, that the actress would be difficult to bear. In addition, each would on his side, him in the United States, and between France and China. During his birthday, so he came on purpose for it on the occasion of his 47 years, Sophie Marceau would have passed, as the support of the photos in the magazine Here, the evening in the company of another man (she kisses him on the mouth…) and he, by the way, with another woman that its beautiful.

Of course, all this is not proof of a separation, it will grant you. But, since all these years, it was well understood how people work and it is now known that there are rarely rumours without separation underlying… to be followed in the coming months, so.


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