SpaceX rocket successfully launched a satellite into orbit (Video)

Ракета SpaceX успешно запустила спутник на орбиту (Видео)

SpaceX successfully launched a satellite Telcom-4.

7 Aug company SpaceX successfully launched a satellite Telcom-4. The start was made from the base military-air forces of the USA in Florida. The mission began at 8:18 am, Kyiv time.

It was 15 the mission of the company for that year. The first stage of the rocket successfully landed on a platform in the Atlantic ocean.

As you know, SpaceX applies the principle of re-use of rockets: the first stage of the Falcon 9 that launches Telcom-4 in may has delivered into orbit a satellite of the government of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Satellite-1. July 25 Falcon 9 rocket with the ten communication satellites Iridium NEXT was launched from Vandenberg military base in California.

The satellite Telcom-4 has a weight of 5800 pounds. It belongs to the Indonesian telecommunications company Telkom Indonesia.

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