SpaceX successfully launched a rocket of a new type, the Falcon 9 Block 5

SpaceX успешно запустила ракетоноситель нового типа Falcon 9 Block 5

SpaceX engineers made many changes to the design of the missile compared to previous versions.

Us company SpaceX on Friday carried out the first successful launch rocket Falcon 9 Block 5 within the mission, Bangabandhu Satellite-1, which will be used subsequently to deliver to space by astronauts on the Crew Dragon program.

The launch was carried out from the Space center Kennedy at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

“In the mission Bangabandhu Satellite-1 first-generation advanced launch vehicle Falcon 9 Block 5”, – noted in the company.

It is expected that this unit will be used with the spacecraft Crew Dragon manned astronaute. Before the launch of the human rocket needs to be tested in at least seven flights.

One of the features of this unit is that it is designed for use in 10 or more starts, without much repair needs or complex service. As emphasized in SpaceX, the company “continues to strive for multiple availability and very high reliability.”

The carrier rocket has put into orbit a communications satellite Bangabandhu-1, which will provide communications for the government of Bangladesh.

The launch was originally planned for Thursday, but due to a technical fault in the ground system it was moved to Friday.

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