Spider-Man : New Generation – the interpreter of Peter Parker explains why the film will be awesome






Jake Johnson, the actor who lends his voice to Peter Parker, promises a unique film. Frankly, it gives us want more.

Since its first appearance in the film, the character of the spider man created by Stan Lee never ceases to fascinate the crowds (and especially the bigwigs of the film). After an initial trilogy, produced by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) in 2002, and then two new components in 2012 (The Amazing Spider-Man), and finally, a last episode in 2017 (Spider-Man : Homecoming), it was a little bit tired of seeing the super-hero weaver of webs on the screens. But that was well before he falls onto the trailer of a future nugget : Spider-Man : New Generation.


Spider-Man senses on high alert for us to tell that it’s going to be awesome


Signed by Chris Miller (who produced) and Phil Lord (who produced and wrote), Spider-Man: New Generation (Spider-Man : into the Spider-Verse in English) will finally bring us some fresh and new faces in this universe so rich. If you don’t already know, this new film, which is a feature-length animated film, will stage several newbies who have all acquired the same powers as Spider-Man, and who go to their ways to wear the mask of super-heroes.



Among the young recruits, Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), Gwen Stacey (Hailee Steinfeld) in front of cador, the original, the true, the first Spider-Man, which will be doubled by Jake Johnson. Since it is when the same question of him in this article, we’re going to begin to speak of this gentleman. In full promotion for his upcoming film, Tag (a comedy that has not yet release date in us) Jake Johnson has given interviews to Screenrant and Collider, at the corner of which he entrusts to the famous project around Spidey :

“There are a lot of people who are involved in the project. The fact is that Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who are at the heart of the project, are two people who are very talented and we would not have been able to find better than them to realize it. I am very proud to have been able to team up with them.”


The great and the small Spider-Man


Jake Johnson, as a great fan of spider man, also expressed his expectation, to say the least, ecstatic, to see the finished film :

“As a fan, I have the impression that we are part of a new world. And I love this new environment that we will explore. This feeling that there’s going to be in the film, it’s going to be amazing. All that I could see, or the pages that I read, as a fan, I’m really intrigued to see the sequence of events. I’ve done a lot of feature-length films animated, and they were all different, of course, but this one, I feel that it is going to be special and awesome.”

Spider-Man: New Generation will be released on the 12th December in France. Impatient ?


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