Spitting image Mask: scientists have created a “photofit” of God

Вылитый Маск: ученые создали «фоторобот» Бога

The researchers took into account the view of believers about God.

American scientists have created a “photofit” of God. A group of psychologists from the University of North Carolina interviewed with this purpose, more than 500 Christian believers, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to fakty.ua.

Initially, the scientists took the image of the “average American” — a person, derived from 50 pictures of representatives of different races and ages. Then he put on a random noise, distorting the features. The resulting 300 images and showed the participants who were asked to select from them those which, in their opinion, most resemble God. On the basis of the choice was made precast portrait.

The result was quite unexpected. Historically, God is described and portrayed in art as a man of Caucasian appearance with a white beard. However, the resulting sketch has more feminine features, looks younger than traditional way and is a man of rather mixed race. It is noted that the participants unconsciously endowed the God features of appearance peculiar to themselves.

Some noted that the resulting “God” recalls the businessman-billionaire Elon musk. “It is a wholly Elon Musk, no doubt,” wrote in the comments netizens.

Вылитый Маск: ученые создали «фоторобот» Бога

Вылитый Маск: ученые создали «фоторобот» Бога

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