Sporadic fighting on the front of anti-ARS in Syria

Combats sporadiques sur le front anti-EI en Syrie

Sporadic fighting oppose Saturday in Syria forces arab-kurd supported by the United States to the diehard of the group islamic State (EI) cornered in an ultimate pocket, the battle is supposed to sound the death knell of the “caliphate” jihadist pretending to be indefinite.

This “caliphate” self-proclaimed in 2014 over vast conquered areas straddling the Syria and Iraq, it remains today the group jihadist responsible for the atrocities that a small settlement of tunnels and tents in the village of Baghouz, in the province of Deir Ezzor, the eastern edge of the Syrian war.

The gunfire continued, indicated to the AFP Adnane Afrine, a spokesman for the democratic Forces in syria (FDS), have engaged in this battle with the support of the international coalition led by the United States.

Since a position of the FDS that have captured the majority of Baghouz, AFP reporters can hear the shelling is sporadic, while the aircraft of the coalition, criss-crossing the sky.

A cloud of black smoke rises above the pocket-jihadist.

Force arab-kurdish FDS is divided at the assault on march 10, after a break to save the thousands of people who had fled the reduced-jihadist.

– “Ideology polluted” –

Intense in the beginning of the week, air strikes, shelling and ground combat have again gradually lost in intensity for the same reason. Since Monday, more than 4,000 people, mostly jihadists, have left the piece of land still in the hands of the io at the edge of the river Euphrates.

Saturday mid-day, no-one was yet the output of the pocket-jihadist, said Mr. Afrine. “No person is made, there is no sign of capitulation”.

It is in September 2018 the final phase of the land campaign against the ultimate enclave of the ARS in the province of Deir ez-zor has been launched by the FDS with the help of the international coalition.

After a number of attacks and pauses in the attack, also slowed down by counter-attacks and the mines of the AE, or the absconding of persons, it remains today in the hands of the AR that the small pocket in Baghouz.

In recent weeks, officials of the SDS had predicted a victory for “near” against the AR, but the battle continues.

“We will continue our fight against the ideology polluted of Daech,” said Friday night on Twitter, the spokesman of the international coalition, using the acronym in Arabic of the AR.

– Deaths of children –

Despite the defeats and setbacks, the group jihadist, responsible for numerous bloody attacks, struck again. On Friday, three suicide bombers of the ARS snuck among the people fleeing the reduced and blew themselves up in three different locations, killing at least six people, according to officials of the FDS.

This is the first time that AR target gatherings of people fleeing his piece of land, which are presented as being in majority of the families of jihadists.

Since December, more than 61,000 is people have already been evacuated from the last pocket of the “caliphate”, according to the Observatory syrian human rights (OSDH).

Most of them have been transferred to the idp camp in Al-Hol (north-east), where are crowded now, nearly 69,000 people, according to the NGO international rescue Committee (IRC), in very difficult conditions.

According to Unicef, this camp is supposed to accommodate 20,000 people at maximum.

On Friday, the office of humanitarian coordination of the united Nations (Ocha) has warned against the influx of thousands of newcomers. On Thursday, two children died en route to the camp, according to this source.

Since December, 122 people, of whom 80% are children under five years old – died en route to the camp or shortly after their arrival, according to the un organization.

The battle against the ir is one of the main fronts of the war in Syria that has entered its ninth year. The conflict has already killed more than 370.000 people and displaced several million others.