SPS warns of teenage parties with drugs and alcohol

Evenings for teenagers, but where drugs and alcohol are present, are the subject of special surveillance by the Sherbrooke Police Service.

In recent weeks, SPS patrols have intervened during these evenings.

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The SPS issued a statement on Thursday to advise parents of teenagers of the presence of these parties in Sherbrooke.

“These evenings, for the most part, take place in rooms rented by individuals who hint at a false sense of security. The organizers of some of these evenings have no connection with the school or community of Sherbrooke. Most invitations and advertising are via social media, “said the statement issued by the SPS.

The SPS recommends that parents of teens provide follow-up and supervision for these evenings.

“Do not hesitate to report to the police department any events related to this type of activity,” the SPS press release said.

The SPS ensures that it will continue to be present at these evenings.

This warning has been relayed by many social workers, school and community in recent hours.

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