Spy scandal in Bohemia: exposed a network of Russian agents

Шпионский скандал в Чехии: разоблачена сеть российских агентов

Service of information security of the Czech Republic (BIS) announced the exposure of a network of the Russian security services in their country. This was stated by the head of the BIS Michal Koudelka, according to the website.

In addition, she confirmed that over the past five years, the Agency has prevented and stopped the activities of dozens of Russian and Chinese intelligence officers. At the same time, these cases had not received wide publicity — the unmasked spies were either not accredited, or send them under the pretext.

In October, the security Service and information (BIS) of the Czech Republic announced the arrest of a group of Russian hackers involved in the cyber attacks on the Ministry of defence and Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country.

Note that in the spring the Czech President made a loud statement about the involvement of his country to the trade secret toxic substances, which analogue was used in Salisbury against the former agent of the GRU, Sergei Skripal and his daughter. After that, Zeman was accused of treason.

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