St. Francis Street: Authorized “Medium Trucks”

Heavy vehicles that can not use the Bishop’s Bridge will be available on St. Francis Street in the Lennoxville Borough to access Route 108.

The City of Sherbrooke is modifying its ban on heavy vehicles, between Bowen Street and Route 108, until the structure will be closed to vehicles weighing more than 18 tonnes.

The crossing will be permitted on St. Francis Street “medium trucks of four axles and less”.

Heavy traffic has been banned since the end of January on the steel bridge that spans the Massawippi River in Lennoxville. The Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) had to make this decision because of the state of Bishop’s Bridge.

This prohibition requires truckers traveling on Route 108 to make an important detour to continue their journey.

The City’s decision aims to allow, for example, material delivery trucks to transit through this sector for trucking activities in Sherbrooke. The ban will be reinstated when the Bishop’s Bridge has been repaired.

At the MTQ, it is mentioned that the repairs should take place this summer, while the traffic at Bishop’s University will be less important. The bridge deck will be replaced (College Street).

The exact dates are not yet determined, says Dominique Gosselin communications consultant at the MTQ.

The announcement last Friday of the extension of Highway 410 to Highway 108 has not changed the plans of the MTQ Bishop’s Bridge, adds Ms. Gosselin. It is certain that the structure will be less solicited once the project is completed. However, the end of the work is scheduled for 2020, she notes.

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