Star break: singer Alyosha went from producer

Звездный разрыв: певица Alyosha ушла от продюсера

Popular Ukrainian singer Alyosha, recently presented an explosive clip Dama, spoke about radical changes. The singer has stated that he left from his former lover and producer Vadim Lisitsa, and since the autumn of this year working with a new team. Track Dama — the first result of their joint work.

With Vadim Lisitsa for 15 years we have made significant achievements in art and show business. Our songs are the music of life for hundreds of thousands of people. But it’s time to start a new phase. And I and the doctors continue to make music, but separately”, — explained step Alyosha.

Звездный разрыв: певица Alyosha ушла от продюсера
*Vadimom Fox Alain started his career

In turn Vadim he also thanked the singer over the years and wished her success.

I am grateful to Alain for the great role in my life she played. Thanks to her I learned a lot and became what it is now. I wish her to realize all your wildest musical ideas and be successful! The show must go on!“— Vadim said Fox.

New producer artist was Eugene Antipenko, with whom she appeared on the red carpet ceremony of awarding prize of the M1 Music Awards.

Звездный разрыв: певица Alyosha ушла от продюсера

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