Star Trek Into Darkness : the director of the cult Star Trek II think that his film has been stupidly plagiarized






The director of Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan returns to the lukewarm reception of Star Trek Into Darkness and its décéption.

The mythical universe of Star Trek rocks the television and the movie theatres of his series and films for almost fifty years. The reboot started in 2009 by J. J. Abrams already has three films, Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and Star Trek Without limits (2016) and the production of Star Trek 4 (which still has no scheduled date).

The opportunity for Nicholas Meyer, the director of Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan, back on his disappointment with the viewing of the second component.


Star Trek Into Darkness


The reboot proposed by J. J. Abrams brings to the stage the youth version of James Kirk, Chris Pine, and Spock Zachary Quinto aboard the U. S. S Enterprise – spaceship to the more sophisticated of the story. The writer ofOverlord offers a completely new timeline that wants to still be in the continuity of the work of Gene Roddenberry.


John Harrison, aka Benedict Cumberbatch, against all odds …


The director of Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan, Nicholas Meyer has announced on the channel of Midnight’s Edge of the Youtuber Tom Connors the disappointment he felt in front of Star Trek Into Darkness. Disappointment greatly due to the many loans awkward elements of Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan.

For him, the result of these réappropriations is clearly not up to it :

“In my vision of art, if you have the ambition to pay homage, you have to add something. You need to put a new layer on the original work, what they have not done. The simple fact of repeat the same words put in the mouths of different gives nothing more. Resurrect someone just after the scene of his death gives no drama. The work is nothing more than a repetition of the original, a gimmick, and that’s what I thought “.


Crisis at the summit


Star Trek Into Darkness was expected by the fans as a kind of replay of Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan. This expectation has been increasing with the trailers and the communication of J. J. Abrams on the film and its plot. The arrival in the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch has caused much ink to flow.

Fans seeing first him as the new face of John Harrison, then of Khan, the director had had to refute these rumors and to announce that a role had been created especially for the actor. A soup of information that eventually proved to be totally useless, since Benedict Cumberbatch has actually played John Harrison. And what are added to it, therefore, the (too) many similarities between Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Into Darkness referred to by Meyer.


Chris Pine, aka James Kirk


So, we understand the sense of betrayal of the fans. J. J. Abrams is back on this failure in 2015 (here) and tried to explain the result.

No wonder that J. J. Abrams ,I would be more at the controls of the ship in 2016 for Star Trek Without limits , and that Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6) is taken over. If there is no date yet scheduled for production and release of Star Trek 4, it is already known that S. J. Clarkson ( Orange is the New Black) will be directing. The film should focus on the story of Captain Kirk and his father.


James, I’m … oops, wrong saga

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