Star Wars : George Lucas reveals why you would have hated his last trilogy






Since he has assigned the trade mark Star Wars, George Lucas has remained mysterious as to the conclusion that he dreamed of for his saga. Until today…

The creator of the franchise was merely to indicate that Disney had not considered it relevant to keep the ideas he had amassed to begin and tell a third trilogy. A choice not surprisingly, the studio has acquired Lucasfilm to take trillions of dollars, not to set up a story, taking a perverse pleasure in reinventing themselves – and thus undermine its regular acquired.

One could imagine that this situation was at the origin of statements very bitter that George Lucas, who had compared the transaction made with Disney in the sale of a child slave. For all that, we didn’t know what would have caused the ultimate trilogy imagined by the producer, screenwriter and director.

In a publication accompanying the broadcast of James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction on the channel AMC, the artist is quoted, as it deals with precisely this issue far from trivial.


As far As I’ve seen, these are the first specifics George Lucas has shared about what his vision of Episodes 7-9 would have been. This comes from @insighteditions awesome companion book to “James Cameron’s Story of the Science Fiction series” on AMC:

— Livio Ramondelli (@LivioRamondelli) June 12, 2018


“They we would have brought in a dimension microbiotique. Because there are creatures who operate at a level different from ours. I call them the Whills. And the Whills are the ones that control really the universe. They feed on the Force. “

When it is remembered how much the midi-chloriens have made the crazy fans of Star Wars (to the point that Lucas was gradually reduced after The phantom Menace), such a toggle would probably have caused suicides mass in the guardians of the temple.

“If I had hooked up to my company, I would have been able to achieve, and it would have been done. Of course, a lot of fans would have hated as they have hated The phantom Menace and all the rest, but at least the story would have been told, from the beginning until the end. “

You said it George.


George Lucas, in the middle of shooting (or in full the dab, we don’t know)

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