Star Wars will suck the brain of your child with the Galaxy series of Adventures






What does one recognize that one is no longer in phase with its time ? Probably when we think we do understand it more. When she can no longer surprise us. When we guess in advance what will happen and that there’s nothing we can do. Or, does it mean that one is totally in phase, and there, it is creepy.

Those who have seen a very evil eye the takeover of Star Wars by Disney in 2012 must be turning in their graves when they see that they were right. Yes, the box, Mickey is indeed in the process of we botch this, in 40 years, had almost become a religion. We do not speak of the qualitative, but more quantitative.


A Galaxy with the adventure


Which brought a lot to the magic of Star Wars, it was its rarity. So yes, there was a lot of derivative products in toys, novels, and video games, but the films, themselves, they deserved. It gave them an aura of incredible, when we discovered a new one, we felt special, privileged. Yes, even The phantom Menace. Especially The Phantom Menace , to our generation that has not necessarily experienced the originals to their theatrical release.

But now, Lucasfilm = Disney and now the saga is omnipresent, everywhere, all the time. If it is a little bitter in this article it is because we have just discovered the announcement of the site who comes to reveal the creation of new programs for our children. Already, the creation of a site named of which the avowed aim is to introduce more young people to the saga by allowing them to explore the universe.


“Go Chico ! Hyper-speed !”


Then, and this is what interests us particularly here, Star Wars : Galaxy of Adventures, a web-animated series, destination Youtube , which, under the form of six short films, will resume the story of the first six films in a character-design inspired by the latest western trends with a touch of japanimation.


Hail to the humor in it


The short resume in part the original dialogues of the films involved, as well as their sound tracks, in the adorning of visual effects that fart the retina and comedic moments that are laugh neurons. The short will be online on the 30 November and the chain should then provide us with new programmes spread over the year 2019, likely focused on what happens before the adventures of the family Skywalker, to prepare us for the release of Episode IX.

We can call it “a good initiative”, we prefer to refer to the approach of “first dose free to make kids addicted to“. But that is because we are old farts that we said it, and that we would have preferred to remain lying rather than to write these lines.


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