Stolen from the Seattle airport, the plane crashed — presumably together with the hijacker

Похищенный из аэропорта Сиэтла самолет разбился — предположительно, вместе с угонщиком

Stolen from the Seattle airport, the plane crashed — presumably together with the hijacker

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

US news Seattle hijacking

On Friday 10 August at 8 PM at the International airport Seattle-Tacoma was an extraordinary incident: the 29-year-old man hijacked a passenger plane Horizon Air Q400, independently took off, made some dangerous stunts — and, in the end, broke it in 48 km from the airport.

“Here is a model aircraft hijacked from SeaTacAirport”.

Fatal flight lasted just under an hour. Fortunately, the plane at the time of theft was not neither passengers nor crew members. The crash happened on the island Ketron in the Puget South-West of the airport, random deaths on the ground also was not.

Official representatives of County pierce reported that the hijacker acted alone and planned suicide. According to authorities, the theft Q400 was not a terrorist act.

After an unauthorized takeoff, the plane was sent two fighter F-15, and departures of all flights from the airport have been suspended. The fighter jets accompanied the aircraft in the sky until, until he collapsed to the ground. Witnesses filmed as the hijacker, doing a dangerous stunt – barrel, beginning nearly broke the plane, and as it “were” fighters.

As stated to police, the crash is not due to the fact that he was accompanied by fighters. It is assumed that the hijacker crashed the plane.

“Some guy stole a plane from Seatac (presumably), made a loop, ALMOST crashed into Chambers Bay and then pursued by fighters, flew right in front of us and then crashed. Strange times.”.


Alaska Airlines stated that the hijacker was employed by ground services in their subsidiary Horizon Air.

Jay Margie reiger, the Governor of the state of Washington published Friday in his Twitter thanks to the Air National Guard of Washington and Oregon for a quick response to an emergency.

Immediately after the hijacking with the aircraft contacted the ground personnel tried to reason with the man. They managed to persuade him to divert aerial vehicles away from the city. The hijacker was not a talked about the beauty of the Olympic Mountains and the prospect of prison, was amazed at how quickly the fuel is consumed. He added that he hoped for “a peaceful moment” in the air, but all “happened so fast“.

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